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Defend Our Coast (DOC) Press Statement

The DOC association has been formed by Marsh people for Marsh people. DOC has been set up with the simple aim to defend the Marsh environment from flood.

For years local people have been dissatisfied with the lack of involvement and consultation by various Government bodies dealing with the Marsh and its flood defences. This has identified the need for a non-political association of local people to campaign for improved sea defences and drainage.

In 2004 the published Shoreline Management Plan, (Folkestone to Cliff End) recommended ‘Managed Retreat’ for the Lydd frontage (Jury’s Gap to Dengemarsh) which  blighted properties on this stretch of coast and placed the whole Marsh at an increased risk of flooding.

Following years of lobbying it was announced at a recent meeting between the  Environment Agency ,  Lydd Frontage Liaison Group and DOC representatives  in Camber that the EA had re-considered the various options and was now proposing a scheme of ‘Hold the Line” for the Lydd Frontage. Continuing pressure from the MOD, Liaison Stakeholder’s Group and  DOC members has been instrumental in persuading the ‘powers that be’ to see sense. This was followed by a public consultation between May and August 2008.

As it clearly stated in the consultation document, this is only a ‘draft’ strategy and much can happen and change in the future and the outcome is by no means certain yet.  There is therefore no time for complacency and it will be vital for us all on the Romney Marsh to keep up  the pressure with the various Government Agencies  to achieve our final goal. Funding sea defence schemes is becoming ever more difficult to achieve and the time scale in which such defences are built is crucial.  Given the  neglected or non-existence of sea defences along the Marsh at present, timing of the scheme (if approved) is now our main priority and we are working very hard to achieve a satisfactory solution.

DOC is dedicated  to keep local people informed about the progress of defending the Marsh and to safeguard its inhabitants and  environment from flooding.

For more information about DOC please contact our  PR/Media Officer .

The Defend Our Coast website will be back soon.