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Comment from agwbutler
Time May 18, 2009 at 9:46 am

How much is membership?

Very disappointed that the shingle recharge in front of the properties along “The Suttons” has stopped well short of the previous height. The “previous” height can be ascertained by looking at the broken/collapsed walkways of the 5th and 7th houses. Unfortunately, the recharge has taken SO long to happen that the 3rd house has presumably figured that it will NEVER happen and ladscaped to the recent unrecharged level.
The recharge has stopped recharging at this level. Whereas it needs to be several feet higher for some distance out from the properties.
The walkways mentioned above used to sit on the surface of the shingle and the shingle used to continue out at same level for another 10 feet before sloping down to the sand.

Much of the degradation of the top of the shingle bank is due not to tidal errosion but the laziness of the digger drivers when undertaking a previous (minor) recharge. Instead of driving along the sand at low tide they drove to and fro along the mid level of shingle bank. This caused the entire bank to collapse.

Kind regards
Alasdair Butler

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