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From bad to worse!!!

Flood defences had already been extremely vulnerable on the Marsh but the last storms have made things even worse!!!!  The coastline is eroding at alarming speed coupled with the recent collapse of the outfall at Jury’s Gut and the failure of St Mary’s Bay outfall resulting in even more shingle loss along the coast and  [...]

DOC Open Meeting - 26 November 2011

Why not come along and join us at our Annual Open Meeting on 26 November 2011? The event will take place at the Camber Castle Public House (1st Floor Function Room), Lydd Road, Camber from  7.30-9.30 pm and is open to all DOC Members, Stakeholders,  Supporters and Residents of the Marsh. If you are concerned [...]

Government cuts Flood Defences!

A real danger warning has emerged concerning cuts in flood defence spending and how this could potentially affect the Marsh and its inhabitants. Despite findings by Government Engineers Advisers that the risk of serious floods was rising, flood defences for thousand of homes and businesses will be cancelled today. This will potentially affect many towns [...]

Public Coastal Access Path Scheme in Kent scaled back.

A plan to create a £50m public coastal access path around England has been scaled back due to funding cuts with Kent being one of the five pilot areas affected. Natural England, who was tasked with creating the trail,  had to re-assess its plans as a result of a 5% reduction in its budget for [...]

Quality Coast Award for Dymchurch

Dymchurch Parish Council Chairman Terry Preston  ( also Chairman of DOC) was delighted to announce that for the third year running Dymchurch has been awarded the top accolade of Quality Coast! Despite much needed sea defence works  currently in progress by the Environment Agency , Dymchurch has achieved to   keep its amenity beach open [...]

Greatstone Sand Dunes

Shepway District Councillor William Richardson’s Annual Report for 2009 to Lydd Town Council contained the following information regarding the Greatstone Sand Dunes:
“Shepway have managed to secure an extra £15,000 for fencing in order to control the sand dunes. We are also negotiating with DEFRA for a further £45,000 to cover the costs of monitoring the [...]

The Defend Our Coast website will be back soon.