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Shingle Movement

DOC’s Technical Advisor has carried out an inspection of the foreshore along our coastline  which has revealed large storm crests created from the recent high tides. The built-up shingle ridges will inevitably be lost to the coast past Dungeness unless the material is pushed back up by the Environment Agency to reinforce the shingle defences, [...]

Funding Outlook for Coastal Defences rather bleak!

It seems that the funding outlook for coastal defences is deteriorating and will come under increased pressure during the  forthcoming financial year (2013/2014) for the Southern Region which covers the area from Hampshire to Kent. Discussions have commenced at the Southern Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (SRFCC) on how much government funding to bid for [...]

Completion of Beach Replenishment Work to Lydd Frontage

DOC has been supplied with two photo reports issued by the Environment Agency showing  recent  beach replenishment work at the Lydd Ranges, Galloways and Denge carried out by  Environment Agency staff between  18 December 2010 - 9 January 2011 and a survey of the Lydd Frontage carried out in January 2011 following completion of the [...]

DOC calls for emergency repairs to our Sea Defences!

DOC is calling for emergency repairs as the sea over-tops the southern shore! The recent extreme weather has severely damaged our shingle defences and DOC is calling for the planned sea defence schemes to be accelerated. Areas such as Dengemarsh, Galloways and Jury’s Gap have seen massive damage caused  to the shingle crest during the [...]

Beach Maintenance Inspection - 3.1.2010

Our Technical Officer , Tony Hills, has just completed his inspection of the beach maintenance work along the Lydd Ranges,  carried out by the Environment Agency over the Christmas break.  His photographs show that the profiling is very ‘thin’  with a lack of available material on the foreshore.
The re-shingling of the gap above Dengemarsh car [...]

Successful DOC Meeting held at Camber

DOC held its Christmas Party/Open Evening on the 4 December 2009 in Camber. Council Representatives and Stakeholders from all across the Marsh attended the event , as well as many DOC Members. After a welcoming speech by our Chairman, Terry Preston, our Technical Officer Tony Hills gave a short PowerPoint presentation on the newly purchased [...]

Stormy weather causes further deterioration of our coastline!

48 hours of relentless stormy weather has caused further deterioration of our already vulnerable coastline and the forecast for next week shows no sign of reprieve! The beach at Galloways clearly shows the effects of  recent overtopping  with the crest further reduced and now in a very  poor state . The wooden driveway,  left in [...]

Press Statement - Dungeness Nuclear Power Station Site

In the light of Government’s recent decision to exclude Dungeness from  the list of potential sites for  further Nuclear Power Stations  DOC finds it necessary to issue the following statement.

Further Deterioration of Sea Defences

Following the recent high tides our Technical Officer Tony Hills has carried out further inspections on the state of our sea defences in various locations
and reports as follows:-

Renewed Concerns at Littlestone Outfall

On the 20 September 2009 our Technical Officer, Tony Hills, raised his concerns with the Environment Agency  regarding  the accumulation of shingle  at the Outfall at Littlestone and the resulting flood risk  for local areas. The situation was promptly remedied at that time.

Unfortunately the shingle , which was removed from this location not more than [...]

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