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Opening of the new Sea Defences at Broomhill Sands!

After 12 years of hard work and community involvement we have finally got there!!! The opening of the new sea defences from Camber to Jury’s Gap along Broomhill Sands took place last Friday, 13 May 2016. The new Chair of the Environment Agency, Emma Howard Boyd, unveiled the plaque signifying the completion of the scheme [...]

We are nearly there!!!!

DOC is delighted to report that the Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme is nearing completion and what a transformation it has achieved!!! The newly installed rock revetment has already been put to its test during the recent winter storms and high tides with the risk of flooding to local communities now greatly reduced.

Broomhill Sands Coastal Defence Scheme Update

Here is the latest update on the scheme issued by the Environment Agency in January 2016.

Environment Agency Update on Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme

DOC has just received the latest update from the Environment Agency (issued 16 November 2015) regarding progress on the Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme as follows:-

Progress to date:

We have now had 247,000T of rock revetment delivered from 7 barges and an additional 19 coasters. The last coasters have arrived offshore, and up until very recently were [...]

We are getting there!

During a recent site inspection we were able to see at first hand progress of the new coastal defence scheme at Broomhill Sands. Construction is running to schedule and weather permitting the scheme should near its completion by December 2015.

A ‘Bird’s Eye View’ of the new Broomhill Sands coastal defences

Click here to see a video clip kindly supplied to us by Team Van Oord depicting the progress of the scheme! It gives you a real insight as to the actual construction of our new sea defences!

Broomhill Sands Sea Defence Update

Please click here for the latest update from the Environment Agency on the Broomhill Sands Sea Defence Scheme which is really taking shape now!

EA Update - Broomhill Sands Coastal Defence Scheme

The Environment Agency has issued its latest fortnightly update for residents covering progress of the schemeĀ  together with accompanying map. Following a recent site visit DOC is delighted to report that construction appears to be going to plan and the contractors (Team Van Oord) continue to maintain a very high standard of [...]

Outline Design Work for Flood Defences at the Hythe Ranges commences!!!

The Environment Agency is now working on an outline design for flood defence works at Hythe Ranges and would like to talk to the local community about our draft designs. The line of the new defences will follow the existing coastal defences between Dymchurch Redoubt and Fishermens’ Beach. The attached map shows the frontage that [...]

Environment Agency Newsletter March 2015

Click here to read the latest update issued by the Environment Agency concerning our sea defence schemes.

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