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We are nearly there!!!!

DOC is delighted to report that the Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme is nearing completion and what a transformation it has achieved!!! The newly installed rock revetment has already been put to its test during the recent winter storms and high tides with the risk of flooding to local communities now greatly reduced.

Broomhill Sands Sea Defence Update

Please click here for the latest update from the Environment Agency on the Broomhill Sands Sea Defence Scheme which is really taking shape now!

Work has started on new sea defence scheme at Broomhill!

DOC is extremely delighted to report that actual work has now commenced on the new sea defence of the Broomhill Scheme. The contractors have set up  and secured sites both at the EA Compound at Jury’s Gap and at Broomhill Sands Car Park and the first deliveries of rock have arrived and started to be [...]

Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme under starter’s order!!

It has taken years of negotiations, meetings and hard work by all involved but we finally have got there. The new Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme is under way! Please see the Environment Agency’s latest update for  more details on the construction programme together with general update  for the remaining, but as yet outstanding,  FoCES Schemes [...]

From bad to worse!!!

Flood defences had already been extremely vulnerable on the Marsh but the last storms have made things even worse!!!!  The coastline is eroding at alarming speed coupled with the recent collapse of the outfall at Jury’s Gut and the failure of St Mary’s Bay outfall resulting in even more shingle loss along the coast and  [...]

Sea Defences further flattened along our coastline!

Following further storms and heavy rain and with no respite in sight for the foreseeable future the potential for flooding from sea inundation is becoming extremely serious. Shingle erosion at Jury’s Gap, Dengemarsh and Galloways has left the Marsh extremely exposed to potential  flooding. (Click here to to view photographs depicting the shingle loss) Environment [...]

Dungeness Borrow Pit Application - Shingle Extraction

In the light of the recent decision by Kent County Council to approve the planning application for extraction of shingle from the Borrow Pit at Dungeness DOC has released the following statement

Recent storms cause massive shingle loss and destruction along our coastal sea defences!!!

Just like the rest of the country we have not been spared during the recent gales and storms hitting our coastline. Massive shingle loss has occurred along Broomhill Sands, the extent of which was so great that it has exposed the 1960s built concrete block sea wall which had been covered up for the last [...]

Why recycled shingle is so important for our sea defences!!!

The recent storms have yet again caused massive shingle erosion around our coastline leaving the Marsh vulnerable to flooding . Thousands of cubic metres of shingle have disappeared equating to thousands of pounds worth of taxpayer’s money.  If recycled shingle could be used, rather than quarried material presently sourced,  it would lessen the financial burden [...]

Statement from our Chairman

DOC warmly welcomes the announcement by the Environment Agency that funding has been secured to build a new sea defence scheme at Broomhill Sands. After a great deal of pressure from local community groups and individuals over a long period of time, funding has finally been secured. Consultation with local people will begin in earnest [...]

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