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EA Chairman carries out site visits at Dengemarsh and Broomhill Sands

Following the successful completion of the Dymchurch Sea Wall scheme the race is now on to ensure that funding can be allocated to complete the remaining, but as yet still outstanding, coastal defence schemes on the Marsh.
At the request of DOC the Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, who is Chairman of the Environment Agency, [...]

DEFRA’s new funding allocation for flood and coastal defence schemes

On Monday DEFRA announced changes to the way funding will be allocated to flood and coastal defence schemes. These reforms are intended to provide an improvement in transparency whilst at the same time providing greater certainty over potential funding levels from the general taxpayer for every flood and coastal defence project. But uncertainty remains  on [...]

DEFRA Announcement on Future Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Funding

Following the full public consultation earlier this year on the allocation of capital funding for flood and coastal erosion risk management, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has today set out a new partnership approach to funding flood and coastal erosion risk management. The new approach aims to be both fairer [...]

National FCERM Strategy Consultation

The consultation on the national flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) was launched on 24 November 2010 and will run until 16 February 2011. This document describes what needs to be done by all involved in flood and coastal risk management to reduce the risk of flooding and coastal erosions, and to manage its [...]

Adapting to Coastal Change - Defra Policy Framework

Defra has just published  “Adapting to Coastal Change: Developing a Policy Framework.” The document sets out Defra’s ideas and guidance on how communities should plan for change as well as looking at the  implications/impacts  for  communities,  business, local infrastructure  etc.  It is the first stage in an  evolving  framework of policy and guidance from Defra [...]

£11 million grants awarded for communities dealing with changing coastlines

15 coastal change pathfinder authorities who will explore new ways of adapting to coastal change have been announced on the Defra website. These include  Hastings and East Sussex.
From a press release:
Support for coastal communities in adapting to coastal change was announced today when the government awarded £11 million in grants to fifteen local authorities [...]

Environment Agency Response to Defra’s Consultation on Coastal Change Policy

DOC has been given sight of the EA’s  response to Defra’s Consultation on Coastal Change Policy in which the EA states:-

“We welcome the Coastal Change consultation and believe that for decisions to be made about a sustainable future for the coast there must be meaningful practical support for those affected by coastal change.


support the proposals [...]

DOC’s Response to DEFRA Consultation on Coastal Change Policy

The consultation on ‘ Coastal Change Policy’ was launched by DEFRA in June 2009 . The document set out DEFRA’s ideas for how coastal communities can successfully adapt to the impacts of coastal change and Government’s role in supporting this . All official Consultees were invited to respond by 25 September 2009.
DOC has provided DEFRA [...]

Consultation on Coastal Change Policy - Defra

This consultation document sets out  ideas from Defra on  how coastal communities could  successfully adapt to the impacts of coastal change, and Government’s intended role in supporting this.
The consultation also provides details of a new coastal change ‘pathfinder ‘ programme which Defra is  intending to establish.  Pathfinders would be able to explore some of [...]

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