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Environment Agency Update on Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme

DOC has just received the latest update from the Environment Agency (issued 16 November 2015) regarding progress on the Broomhill Sea Defence Scheme as follows:-

Progress to date:

We have now had 247,000T of rock revetment delivered from 7 barges and an additional 19 coasters. The last coasters have arrived offshore, and up until very recently were being unloaded at the beach next to the Coastguard Cottages in order to build the Broomhill Extension that will protect the MoD lookout. When we have enough rock on the beach to be getting on with, the transhipment barge (Charlie Rock) will go to Happisburgh in Norfolk to deliver rock to another coastal rock scheme which is under construction. Once they have enough rock, Charlie Rock will return to continue unloading for Broomhill.

1,450m of 1,767m of the rock revetment has now been installed, 490 of the 536 pre-cast concrete units are installed, and promenade works continue to schedule.

The timber steps continue to progress well, with one of the wider sets of steps now open at the Broomhill Car Park, allowing public access to a section of the beach below.

The maintenance rampsĀ progress well, with the eastern ramp now approaching beach level (and the difficult lower section beneath both the beach, and by definition sea level). These are particularly susceptible to delays from poor weather, so the team have their fingers crossed. We’re still confident that the scheme should be open to the public by Christmas, although there may be some isolated activities ongoing.

The shingle recharge is underway again, with shingle being installed into the remaining groyne bays, and last weekend we started work on the sculptures made from the timber recovered on site.

Over 36,100T of clay has been removed from below the beach, all of which has been reused on another construction site. We estimate there’s probably around 1000T left to be removed.

We are starting works to construct the Broomhill Extension but unfortunately, we’ve had to close public access to the beach at Coastguard Cottages to do this work safely. This activity will ramp up through November, with the extension works expected to complete by Christmas

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