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Masssive Shingle Loss and Groyne Destruction!

DOC had warned that this might happen and unfortunately we were proven to be right! There has been a massive loss of shingle coupled with extensive damage to  already weakened and poorly maintained groynes all along our coastline following the recent high tides! In some parts along the Marsh where shingle banks form  our only means of sea defence, these banks have been narrowed to as little as 6 ft!!!!! High tides and strong winds have caused massive cliffing along the shoreline giving rise to extreme safety hazards for beach visitors  and groynes have literally been torn out and tossed along the beaches during the recent storms. Concrete structures intended to anchor and fix groynes, which are usually buried deep below shingle material, have been exposed causing further weakening of sea defences. We have never been so vulnerable and are virtually limping towards disaster and potential flood inundation of the Marsh and its inhabitants unless immediate steps are taken by Government to rectify this intolerable situation.

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