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Archive for October, 2012

Masssive Shingle Loss and Groyne Destruction!

DOC had warned that this might happen and unfortunately we were proven to be right! There has been a massive loss of shingle coupled with extensive damage to  already weakened and poorly maintained groynes all along our coastline following the recent high tides! In some parts along the Marsh where shingle banks form  our only [...]

Our Luck is running out!!!

Yet again we have been ‘lucky’ ….. which is more than obvious from these photographs at Denge! They were taken at high tide (4 m)  on 1 October 2012. But ……. between the 15 October 2012  and 19 October 2012 9 tides are predicted- all over 4.0 m with two tides at 4.4 m!!! The [...]

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