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Archive for October, 2011

KCC Planning Application for Shingle Recycling from Dungeness

DOC has submitted its comments with regard to the planning application presently lodged with Kent County Council for shingle recycling from Dungeness . DOC fully supports this application as the recharge of shingle is vital to the flood protection of the whole of the Marsh, much of which lies below spring tide level. The cost [...]

Planning Application - Dungeness Borrow Pit Shingle Recycling

With a recent planning application jointly submitted to KCC by the Environment Agency and EDF  for shingle recycling from the Dungeness Borrow Pit to protect essential flood defences on the Marsh, DOC felt that a more detailed statement from the Environment Agency might help to alleviate concerns and clarify any potential impact  on local communities. [...]

Denge Frontage critical

Following a meeting with Natural England and the Environment Agency on 6th October 2011 a site visit highlighted DOC’s concerns over the Denge frontage. The contrast between the Power Station protection and the shingle crest immediately to the west.  Attention was drawn to the fact that when the sea breaches  this length there is little [...]

Another ‘Near Escape’ from potential disaster!

At the end of September we had one of the highest tides of the year but luckily the weather was calm avoiding a  potential flooding disaster. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security!  The Marsh has flooded before and will do so again unless our sea defences are adequately strengthened and maintained. [...]

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