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Archive for January, 2011

Concerns increase for Dengemarsh and its Hinterland!

Concerns have been raised further regarding  the state of the beach at Dengemarsh and beyond. On the 31 March 2010  there was a ‘near miss’ in this location at high tide  when the crest between Dengemarsh and the Power Station was flattened as a result. With the lack of available shingle and restrictions placed upon [...]

Completion of Beach Replenishment Work to Lydd Frontage

DOC has been supplied with two photo reports issued by the Environment Agency showing  recent  beach replenishment work at the Lydd Ranges, Galloways and Denge carried out by  Environment Agency staff between  18 December 2010 - 9 January 2011 and a survey of the Lydd Frontage carried out in January 2011 following completion of the [...]

Spending Review and Funding Update from the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has provided DOC with their latest update in the light of the recent  Spending Review . It concerns the various schemes proposed under the Folkestone to Cliff End Flood and Erosion Management Strategy and  the resulting funding implications  potentially affecting these sea defence schemes. The news is not encouraging and a final [...]

Identifying gaps in flood defence spending

Numerous planned flood defence schemes will no longer go ahead due to Government spending cuts. Many of these schemes had years of preparatory work carried out at the expense of the taxpayer, but will now be shelved, deferred or  even cancelled. Defences already under constructions will still be completed by the Environment Agency. For more [...]

Too Little - Too Late?!

The Environment Agency has been busy over the past few weeks re-profiling the beach along the Lydd Ranges but is this too little  too late? Despite their best efforts the EA is  working within severe constraints (both financially and due to restrictions imposed amongst others by Natural England) and all their best efforts (and taxpayer’s [...]

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