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Archive for November, 2010

Broomhill Sands - Scheme Consultation Feedback Report

The Environment Agency have just released their Feedback Report on the proposed Broomhill Sands Sea Defence Scheme which records comments and feedback received from the consultation undertaken  between May and August 2010. It contains notes from previous meetings held prior to the consultation, results of the public consultation, feedback from the statutory consultees and outlines [...]

Environment Agency update following Spending Review

In the light of the recent Spending Review (CSR)  DOC had asked the Environment Agency for an update concerning proposed flood defence schemes on the Marsh. The update from the Environment Agency has just been received and  reads as follows:
Spending Review and funding for schemes
The Treasury has awarded Defra its settlement for the next four [...]

Cuts in flood defence spending could affect homes!

Homes could become uninsurable due to recent Government cuts in flood defence spending. Insurance companies have urged Government not to cut resources , stating  instead that spending for flood defences should  be significantly increased. If adequate investment in defences is not maintained , insurers will become increasingly fussy about who they insure and premiums will [...]

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