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Archive for October, 2010

How much longer will our sea defences hold out?

With high winds and tides returning during the coming winter months we have to ask ourselves how long our sea defences will hold out. So far we have been ‘lucky’…. remember November 2007?…..flood alerts were in place across the UK but the expected storm-driven tidal surges fortunately never materialised. At that time the Environment Agency [...]

SPA/Ramsar Designation Concerns

Damian Collins MP recently expressed his  concerns over Natural England’s plans to further extend  the Dungeness to Pett Level Special Protection Area (SPA) and to create a new site under the 1971 Ramsar Convention  which could potentially  hinder much needed shingle recycling along our sea defences. DOC is equally concerned that  implementation of  proposed sea [...]

One step closer……yet still so far to go!

The sea defence scheme  at Dymchurch has come yet another step closer to completion. On Wednesday,  29 September 2010,  the final block in a 1.25 mile long bank was lowered into place. The revetment bank which stretches from Martello Tower 23 to High Knocke is designed to break up the energy of the water hitting [...]

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