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Archive for July, 2010

Strong Winds + High Tides = Massive Shingle Loss!!!

The potential flood threat to the Marsh is not only a Winter occurrence! During the last 24 hours massive amounts of shingle have been eroded at the Lydd Ranges and Jury’s Gap Lookout due to high winds coupled with high tides. This has yet again left a ‘cliff face’ at the edge of the erosion [...]

High Knocke to Dymchurch Sea Defence-Frontage A

Works for the sea defence scheme in this location are running to schedule and the pre-cast revetment units are continuing to be laid. A total of 1350 out of the required 1662 units have been placed and it is anticipated that the revetment placing will be completed during August 2010. The concrete paving for the [...]

People to ‘pay more’ towards flood defences!

The Environment Agency has warned that people will have to pay more towards flood defences in their area. Despite being funded by the taxpayer to the tune of 629m overall, only a small proportion of this amount is actually spent on coastal defences with the bulk of  funding directed towards fluvial flood prevention. Environment Agency [...]

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