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Archive for December, 2009

New technology could stop coastlines eroding away!

Pioneering tests of the world’s first underwater coastal erosion monitoring system are to take place for the first time next week in Wales. ASTEC ( Automated Sensing Technologies For Coastal Monitoring)  employs a ‘grid of electromagnetic sensors’  which could  save billions of pounds and have a positive  effect on millions of lives around the world [...]

High Knocke to Dymchurch Sea Defences - Frontage A Update

Work on this frontage  is progressing well and  still running to schedule. Newsletter No. 6 concerning this frontage  has just been released by the Environment Agency  and contains an update on what has been happening.

Environment Agency Newsletter No.2- Broomhill Sands

This is the second newsletter issued by the Environment Agency regarding the Broomhill Sands Sea Defence scheme. It provides an update on the work so far carried out under this stage of the scheme development. EA Newsletters are published roughly quarterly and are linked to news on the scheme development.

Successful DOC Meeting held at Camber

DOC held its Christmas Party/Open Evening on the 4 December 2009 in Camber. Council Representatives and Stakeholders from all across the Marsh attended the event , as well as many DOC Members. After a welcoming speech by our Chairman, Terry Preston, our Technical Officer Tony Hills gave a short PowerPoint presentation on the newly purchased [...]

£11 million grants awarded for communities dealing with changing coastlines

15 coastal change pathfinder authorities who will explore new ways of adapting to coastal change have been announced on the Defra website. These include  Hastings and East Sussex.
From a press release:
Support for coastal communities in adapting to coastal change was announced today when the government awarded £11 million in grants to fifteen local authorities [...]

The Defend Our Coast website will be back soon.