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Archive for April, 2009

Stockpiling of Shingle at Broomhill Sands Car Park

The Environment Agency has been busy during the last few weeks stockpiling  shingle at the Broomhill Sands Car Park. Groynes have also been repaired/replaced where necessary.

Greatstone Sand Dunes

Shepway District Councillor William Richardson’s Annual Report for 2009 to Lydd Town Council contained the following information regarding the Greatstone Sand Dunes:
“Shepway have managed to secure an extra £15,000 for fencing in order to control the sand dunes. We are also negotiating with DEFRA for a further £45,000 to cover the costs of monitoring the [...]

Environment Update on Folkestone to Cliff End Strategy - 7 April 2009

DOC has just received the latest update from the Environment Agency regarding its progress on the Folkestone to Cliff End Strategy which reads as follows:-

Inquiry Into Deprivation and Disadvantage In Coastal Rural Areas.

An excellent submission has been  made to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Coastal and Marine Issues by DOC’s Hon. Consultant Malcolm Kerby on behalf of Happisburgh. (CCAG) regarding the deprivation and disadvantes in coastal rural areas. A copy of this has been made available to DOC.

The Defend Our Coast website will be back soon.