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Archive for October, 2008

Sea defences to be saved where possible states Chairman of EA

Areas of the Suffolk coast will not be abandoned “unless it is absolutely necessary”, the chairman of the Environment Agency said yesterday as he held a series of meetings with groups concerned at plans to stop maintaining some of the estuary defences.
Lord Smith states :”we want to make sure we protect as much as possible. [...]

Engaging with the public in the battle against climate change!

Chris Smith, the new Chairman of the Environment Agency wants the Environment Agency  to engage with the public in the battle against climate change!
But for its new Chairman, the challenge is to relate these giant, global issues to the grassroots level, connecting to local communities and involving them in the decision making.  It is vital [...]

History of Shingle Erosion at Galloways

Galloways behind Lydd Ranges showing the rate of shingle crest erosion over a ten year period.
Tony Hills (Technical Officer - DOC)  states:
” If the beach eroded a cubic metre a year over the six kilometres of coastline behind the ranges it would equate to a shingle loss of six thousand cubic metres per annum. [...]

Now you see it - now you don’t!

Following the enormous shingle loss during the recent high tide, much needed emergency work was carried out by the Environment Agency to the sea defences along the Broomhill Frontage and MOD Lookout to repair our sea defences in order to  protect the Marsh from flooding.! A stream of lorries brought endless lorry loads of shingle [...]

Effects of one high tide! - 1.10.08

It is not surprising that DOC is worried about our coastline. As our Technical Officer Tony Hills constantly states: “it only takes one high tide to cause a lot of damage”,  and from these photographs you can see why.

The Defend Our Coast website will be back soon.